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Why Luxury?

Imagination, they say, is one of the most powerful forces. And mine ignited early.

My grandmother, a professional seamstress, sparked my interest in fashion by patiently (though unsuccessfully) teaching me to sew clothing for my dolls. While my Barbie's wardrobe remained stubbornly threadbare, the beauty of high-quality fabrics captured my young heart. ​

Meanwhile, my father, the proprietor of a local gas station, instilled in me a different kind of luxury. His focus was service – a windshield cleaned, oil topped off, a friendly conversation. It wasn't just about selling fuel; it was about creating a valued experience. His prices were higher, yet customers kept coming back. It was a powerful lesson in the transformative power of exceptional service.​

This duality – the exquisite materials used in each product and the care taken to deliver it – is what drew me to luxury. Combined with the heritage of a brand, the legacy of a designer and the narrative woven into the house itself – these threads tell a story far richer than a price tag. And that's something that truly inspires me.

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