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Tod's x MyTheresa


Video Campaign + Social Media Campaign


Imagine a breathtaking descent down the iconic Amalfi Coast, not on a traditional vehicle, but on skateboards. This isn't your average skate session; this is pure Italian luxury reimagined. For an exclusive capsule collection with the renowned Italian brand Tod's, aimed to seamlessly fuse Tod's rich heritage with a modern twist.

The captivating video features Dutch downhill skateboarding champions Jasmijn Hanegraef and Lisa Peters. These fearless best friends and adrenaline junkies take viewers on a mesmerizing ride along the serpentine coastal roads, showcasing the stunning Amalfi landscape in all its glory. But the true stars of the show are Tod's shoes. As Jasmijn and Lisa carve through the turns, their footwear takes center stage, highlighting both the functionality and undeniable style that is synonymous with Tod's. This unexpected juxtaposition of skateboarding's youthful energy against the backdrop of timeless Italian elegance creates a somewhat surreal visual narrative.

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“We continue to produce exciting video content with a storytelling element for our consumers...It is a key platform to engage with and inspire our shoppers.”

Tiffany Hsu, Fashion Buying Director, MyTheresa

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