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Rita Ora for ESCADA


Onsite & CRM Campaign


Underneath Rita Ora's unparalleled voice and fierce sense of style resides an independent, fearless spirit making her the ideal face of ESCADA's newest campaign.

To mark the exciting new partnership with Rita, a comprehensive editorial and content strategy was crafted. The overall goal was to extend the celebration beyond a typical spokesperson partnership, providing a more in-depth look at the collaboration and highlighting Rita's creative contribution. This strategy focused on three rollouts:

  • Campaign Launch: Generate excitement for the campaign and celebrating Rita's new role with ESCADA

  • Residency Role: Highlight Rita's creative input in designing a limited-edition capsule collection

  • Behind the Scenes: Invite the audience into the creative process 

This celebration unfolded across multiple platforms, including the ESCADA homepage, a dedicated microsite, their newsletter and other customer touch points. "Rita Red," the collection's signature colour, played a central role in the visual elements.

To provide an even more intimate look at the collaboration, ESCADA went beyond standard campaign imagery. The content strategy incorporated a variety of assets, including video clips, lookbook photographs, design sketches and candid photos, offering an up-close-and-personal view of Rita Ora's involvement.


Social Media
CRM Material 


Content Strategy

"For me, ESCADA is a celebration of women. I think it’s really important to define that as a working woman, a confident, independent woman – a woman on her own mission."

Rita Ora, singer & face of ESCADA

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