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Bottega Veneta at MyTheresa


Social Media & Online Campaign


Delving into the rich heritage of Bottega Veneta, curated a captivating social media campaign that breathed new life into one of the brand's most recognizable codes – the knot. This wasn't just a marketing exercise; it was the culmination of research that identified the knot as a potent symbol waiting to be reimagined for a modern audience.

Three international style influencers Pernille Teisbaek, Julia Haghjoo and Yoyo Cao (selected for their audience, public image and reach), united their creative energies in the social media campaign. Set against the industrial backdrop of a shipping port, the influencers incorporated knotted ropes as visual styling tools, seamlessly integrating them into the gritty yet poetic setting of each port.

This interplay went beyond mere aesthetic; it served as a subtle invitation to explore the latest Bottega Veneta leather accessories and fashion, meticulously showcased throughout the campaign. 

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"The knot doubles as one of the most recognizable staples of Bottega Veneta." 

Bottega Veneta, brand notes

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